Hi and welcome 2 my site. This will be a fun site 4 girls 2 play games and 2 see whats going on in the world. This site is great around the ages between 9 and 14. I don't mind if you're like 8 or 15, just those are good ages. I hope u like this site. This website is brand new and it would probably be fully updated by the begining of April. This site was a free site created off of www.weebly.com. If you would like 2 create a free site as cool as mine then go 2 www.weebly.com . It's free and easy. So if you want 2 create a website I'd suggest 2 look @ weebly and see what you think about it.

          Girls lol will have a lot that girls would be interested in. Like boy problems, what's in style, some cool activities, fears, how 2 make friends, omg moments, standding up 4 your self, music, www.youtube.com videos, and so much more. You maybe thinking right now ''this site is boring'' well it won't be, it will be fun. Just trust me. Please feel free 2 read and tell about these few paragraphs please. That way this will be a fun and popular site. It's ok if you don't like what i have right now because all i have is stuff written about what this site would look like.

           Also my friend created a site on weebly and please feel free 2 check it out 1 day. Except she has games and all that stuff because her site is a lot older than mine. if you would like 2 check her site out than please go 2 www.lllll.weebly.com. please check her site out you would be doing me and my friend a huge favor.  I think all you girls out there would really like her site. So please go 2 her site look @ it and check it out. At www.lllll.weebly.com you would have a lot more 2 and look @. It's not boring It's not plain It's fun F- U - N fun.

           Here at Girls lol you would like it and have fun with it by next month because you would have so much 2 do and look @. My site will be updated every week with something new for your eyes 2 look @. I promise you, you that you'd love it in a few weeks.So please after you discover this website Please tell everyone you no. Tell the girls @ school, Tell the girls @ soccer practice tell everyone.